Mac Pro - Contents

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Chapter 4: Problem, Meet Solution

82 An Ounce of Prevention
83 Problems with Your Mac Pro
85 Problems with Software
86 Repairing, Restoring, or Reinstalling Mac OS X Software
91 Checking for a Hardware Problem
92 Keeping Your Software Up to Date
92 Problems with Wi-Fi Communication
93 Problems with Your Display
95 Problems with Your Internet Connection
98 Replacing the Apple Magic Mouse Batteries
99 Maximizing Ethernet Performance
99 Learning More, Service, and Support
102 Locating Your Serial Number

Chapter 5: What’s Under the Hood

104 Specifications

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Chapter 6: Last, but Not Least

116 Important Safety Information
117 General Maintenance
120 Understanding Ergonomics
122 Apple and the Environment
123 Regulatory Compliance Information

Looking for Something?

130 Index

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